Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen Hilariously Act Out Twenty Comedies in Twelve Minutes [Watch]


Everyone loves a good romantic comedy. So it comes as no surprise that the world just can’t get enough of what just happened on The Late Late Show.

On the Thursday (May 2) episode of the late night talk show hosted by James Corden, actress Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen got together and acted out scenes from 20 romantic comedies in a segment called “Rom Com Role Call.” Alongside Corden, the pair participated in scenes from everything from You’ve Got Mail to Notting Hill.

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Heck, they even did the iconic orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally.

The segment finished with a rousing performance of the song “All You Need is Love” from the fan-adored movie Love, Actually.

The two were on hand on the late night talk show to publicize their new romantic comedy Long Shot. In the movie, Theron plays the fictional Secretary of State who looks to Rogen to help her as her speechwriter. Long Shot opens at theaters on Friday (May 3.)

“I definitely had a fear of not feeling like this genre is my strength,” Theron tells the Los Angeles Times in a new interview. “I definitely think it’s a byproduct of just being a woman in this industry and that for years we have been let down and when somebody is selling us something in the room, the bill of goods never turn out to be what it was in the room. And, listen, that’s happened to me before. So I think it’s a valid fear for women to have.”