Chris Pratt Votes for Chris Hemsworth as the “Sexiest Chris”

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Because there is no shortage of attractive men named Chris in Hollywood, People Magazine not only did their usual People’s Sexiest Man Alive, but they also voted Chris Hemsworth as the Sexiest Chris.

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, fellow actor and fellow Chris, Chris Pratt, was asked about the competition and if he was disappointed on the results. He took the loss graciously. “It was just an honor to be nominated, you know? I got nominated when my mom named me Chris,” he said. 

As a shirtless picture of Chris Hemsworth was shown, not only was the audience dazzled by his abs, but even Chris Pratt admired Hemsworth.

He commented, “Look, I got to be honest with you, he has my vote too. I mean look at him. The man is gorgeous.” I think we all agree.

He continued while looking at Hemsworth’s abs, “I don’t have..that’s sexy. I’m telling you that’s sexy. Mine has a lot more airbrush than that.”

Both of these Chris’ are very attractive, and I think anyone would be crazy to disagree. Not to mention, Pratt’s new fiancé, Katherine Schwarzenegger, undoubtedly thinks Chris Pratt is the sexiest Chris. So, at least he’s winning there.

Congrats Chris Hemsworth on the incredible honor! And to Chris Pratt— you’ll always be sexy to us.