Chris Pratt Mourns the Loss of His 700lb Pig Magnus— “This Was a Hard One”

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While he may be a hunky leading man in Hollywood, there’s another side to Chris Pratt. The 39-year-old is a good old fashion cowboy, who owns his own farm. Chris’ farm boasts sheep, cows and pigs. However, there is some sad news coming from the Pratt farm, as they recently lost their 700 lb. pig Magnus.

Chris took to Instagram to share his loss and a photo of the massive pig as it enjoyed life on the farm. Leave it to Chris to keep his sense of humor at this difficult time, pointing out the pig’s enormous testicles.

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“RIP “Magnus” Our magnificent gentle Tamworth giant fell ill and passed away two days ago. This was a hard one. He was as cuddly as a 700lb boar could be. We’ll miss him,” Chris wrote.  “He had the biggest nuts of any mammal I’d ever seen in person. I’ll miss seeing those bowling ball size testicles waggle to and fro as he rooted for hazelnuts in the hay. #farmlife 😢🙏♥️✝️

Chris has taken to his life on the farm, raising livestock, specifically sheep, and giving the animals the best life that money can buy. Chris recently shared his love for a new addition to the farm— a longhorn cow named Baby Girl.

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“Love at first sight,” he captioned the photo of the brown and white dappled cow. “This good lookin’ lady is from the great state of Texas. She’s adjusting quite well to life on the farm. Welcome home Baby Girl!”

Our thoughts are with Chris for his loss.