“This Is Us” Star Chrissy Metz Says She Used To Be Just Like Kate Pearson: “My Body Is Not My Identity”

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With a break from filming “This Is Us,” the cast and crew have each been off doing their own things for a bit. Mandy Moore is hiking Mount Kilimanjaro (casual), and Chrissy Metz is currently on tour for her new book, “This Is Me.”

In her book, Chrissy talks about her body and weight, something that has been a struggle for her most of her life. She shared that she endured physical and emotional abuse from her stepfather about her weight, which caused a lot of her weight gain in her teenage years.

Chrissy visited Today to talk with Megyn Kelly about the show, her book, and her own personal relation to her character on “This Is Us.”

“I sort of used to be Kate,” she said. “She’s not quite comfortable, she still identifies with her body in a different way than I do.”

Chrissy went on to say that she now knows her body isn’t what defines her, a lesson she had to learn for herself.

“I know my body isn’t my identity, it’s who I am and how I treat people,” she said.

Megyn went on to ask her about Chrissy’s struggle with men growing up, saying there’s a common theme in her book of men being okay spending time with her in private, but not wanting to be seen with her in public because of her weight.

“It’s not an uncommon thing,” she said. “It has more to say about them than me. They’re contending with their own stuff- it’s just amazing how much we allow society to pressure us to do things we want to do but we don’t feel like we can do publicly.”

“Growing up, food was love,” she said. “We all fill the void with something– because we’re afraid to feel real feelings, so we stuff them with other things.”

Watch her full interview below, and be sure to grab a copy of her book, “This Is Me.”