Christie Brinkley’s 60-Year-Old Ex-Husband Peter Cook is Now Engaged to a 21-Year-Old

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Peter Cook Christie Brinkley ex engage to 21 year old
Photo courtesy Peter Cook Facebook

Christy Brinkley’s ex Peter Cook is getting all sorts of attention at the moment thanks to news of his engagement…to a college student. Yes, you read that right. The model’s ex-husband has moved on with his life following their divorce in 2006 by getting engaged to girlfriend Alba Jancou.

She is 21.

He is 60.

“We are very happy,” Cook tells People magazine.

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Fans will recall that Cook’s infatuation with younger women is actually what caused his and Brinkley’s marriage to crumble, when it came to light that he was having an affair with his then 19-year-old assistant. Rumors have also swirled about various other relationships that Cook has had with women much younger than him throughout the years.

This time, Cook proposed to his barely legal girlfriend while they were vacationing in Greece back on Sept. 15.

According to various reports, Cook says that the two feel lucky they found each other and that they are looking forward to many years of wedded bliss. Reports also say that Jancou is a current student at Tulane University and is set to graduate in 2021.

This will be the Hamptons-based architects third marriage. And no, Brinkley has yet to comment publicly about it. Currently, according to her Instagram page, she seems to be enjoying herself on vacation in Italy.