Christina Aguilera’s Carpool Karaoke Ride with James Corden Featured Earth-Shattering Vocals (and Melissa McCarthy)


If you were to stop me in the street and tell me I had to sing every single line of Christina Aguilera‘s “Genie in a Bottle” or shave my head, you wouldn’t even have to get your razor out. That’s how iconic and poignant Xtina‘s debut single is to me and a lot of people like me.

Christina has been on DL the few years other than “The Voice,” but her appearance on “The Late Late Show” and Carpool Karaoke made it feel like 2002 all over again. Especially because James Corden reminded the world that while her counterparts Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were pop stars, Christina was a full-fledged Diva, the proper noun, capital “D” kind.

As James drove Christina around town she revealed that during her time on the “Mickey Mouse Club,”Ryan Gosling had a crush on Britney, but she ended up with Justin Timberlake (obviously). And she did say, “he had swag, he had swag,” while blushing and discussing JT.

While Xtina clearly has the hits and the vocals to carry this late night special by herself, Melissa McCarthy did appear to sing Redman’s part on “Dirrty,” which was pretty great.

While Melissa was in the car, James pulled over to get official VH1 Diva lessons from Christina, but the lessons ended about the time the vocal warm-ups started it. Christina’s still got range.