Christina El Moussa’s Husband Ant Anstead Shares What They Do “Every Single Morning In Bed”

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Every couple has their own traditions and quirks that keep the love and romance alive— and for newlyweds Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead, it’s a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors.

Shortly after the “Flip or Flop” star and her now-husband tied the knot in a surprise wedding at their Newport Beach home, Ant took to his social media to share a throwback video of he and Christina on vacation as he reflected on 2018, the two lounging in some beach chairs and playing rock, paper, scissors.

“Had to reshare this video! As it goes down as one of my faves of 2018,” he said alongside the video.

As it turns out, the two use the game to decide who will have to get up out of bed to make coffee every morning.

“Christina and I play scissor, paper, stone EVERY single morning in bed! And the loser makes the coffee!!! (Ps. This mornings coffee was expertly made and tasted great without leaving my bed),” he said.

Christina and Ant’s marriage came as a surprise to not only fans, but friends and family as the two surprised everyone with their nuptials.

“It’s different for us now. We didn’t want all the fuss. Just a quiet wedding without all the drama and paparazzi,” Christina said in an interview with People following their big day.

In fact, the couple had actually been engaged since September, another big moment in their life they kept out of the spotlight.