Cord and Tish Are The No. 1 Reason to Watch the Royal Wedding


With the Royal Wedding festivities getting underway, American TV shows and journalists are heading to London to cover every aspect of the big day. Among those journalists are Cord (Will Ferrell) and Tish (Molly Shannon). If you weren’t interested in any of Royal family or what they’ll be doing this weekend, you should be because Cord and Tish are very interested.

Savannah Guthrie recently sat down with Cord and Tish for the most awkward interview ever. First, Cord revealed that he knows nothing about England’s Dukes and Duchesses and that he’s terribly scared of horses, but he hopes to power through when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ride off in a horse-drawn carriage. Things got super weird though when Savannah asked the pair if they have ever been romantic with each other.


Cord and Tish also wrote a song for the event and sang it for Jimmy Fallon. It was awful.