Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Abuse Charges


Cuba Gooding Jr. was released from police custody on Thursday (June 13) after allegations against the actor had himself turning himself in you authorities. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the allegations against will go away anytime soon.

Far from it.

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In fact, the case surrounding the Jerry Maguire actor seems to get a tad stickier with every passing hour. Currently, Gooding  faces charges for forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree. According to various reports, the accusations stem from an incident occurred between Gooding and a woman at a rooftop bar in Manhattan last weekend.

And yes, there is video of the altercation.

We mean, it’s 2019 after all. TMZ obtained the surveillance video from the bar.

Heck, there is even video of Gooding and a large group of friends having a good time before the incident took place.

“I know the video, which covered the entire evening, shows absolutely no conduct or any inappropriateness on Cuba’s part,” Gooding Jr.’s attorney Mark J. Heller told People magazine in a new interview. “And I am frankly shocked the prosecutor would consider a case like this. I have known Cuba for almost 30 years and his conduct towards women is always respectful. He respects women and he would never engage in that type of activity.”

This case is bound to get very interesting in the coming days.