Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reflects On His Dark Days While Writing New Book


On Tuesday (Oct. 16,) former NASCAR driver and now NBC broadcaster Dale Earnhardt Jr. will release his new book “Racing to the Finish: My Story.” Along with the release of his new book will come a plethora of never-told-before stories chronically the days leading to his sudden 2017 retirement.

And while a new interview seems to indicate that Earnhardt sees the book release as a relief, he also admits it wasn’t easy to revisit some of the darkest moments of his career.

“I hated re-living it,” Earnhardt says in the new interview. “And I never even thought about that, I guess, when we were starting. … Then we got down to having to talk about it, and I’m like, ‘I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to re-live it … and think about those symptoms, and remember those dark days, and remember the feelings that I had, and the emotions I had. Having to re-live them just made it all too real again — and that was miserable.”

You will recall that Earnhardt talked to One Country earlier this year about the book, and admitted he was a tad nervous about speaking his truth in the book.

“I have let some people close to me read it already, and parts of the story made them angry,” Earnhardt said about the new book that chronicles the racer’s final year of racing and his slow recovery from a concussion suffered in a racing accident back in 2016.  “People are going to be upset that I didn’t take better care of myself and that I wasn’t smarter about all of it and that I should have been more responsible. So yeah, I’m nervous.”