Dale Earnhardt Jr. Receives Sweet Memento of his Father Years After his Death


In turn four of the 2001 Daytona 500, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt’s life was cut short in a tragic accident, leaving behind his son to live a life without the man he looked up to. But recently, Earnhardt Jr. was given a gift left behind by his father that seems to quietly represent that his dad is still here with all of us.

The story behind this gift was shared by Earnhardt Jr. on his Twitter page, a story that involved none other than fellow NASCAR legend Dale Jarrett.

“Through the years after my dad’s death many drivers and industry folk were incredibly supportive, and that certainly includes Dale Jarrett,” Earnhardt Jr. wrote on the series of tweets shared on Wednesday (June 6.) “Today he gave me that hat my father signed all those years ago. It’s hard to know how to express my appreciation for his friendship.”

Since becoming a father back in May to daughter Isla Rose, Earnhardt Jr. seemingly has been more and more touched with life’s little moments such as these. And for good reason, considering his daughter will never be able to meet the man so many idolized. But this hat? This one will be special to her.