Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reflects on Traumatic House Fire

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NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. has lived a life filled with twists and turns. But little do many know of the event in Jr’s past that could have, and eventually did, change everything.

“I was in a home fire when I was six years old,” recalls Earnhardt during a recent episode of his “Dale Jr. Download” podcast. “I don’t really like talking about it. I walked right past the fire.”

The fire occurred when Earnhardt was living with his mom in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

“The wiring in the kitchen caught fire and the whole kitchen and dining room was on fire,” remembers Earnhardt, who recently released his first book “Racing to the Fish: My Story.”. “I mean, the whole room was a big ball of fire.”

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Earnhardt says that his bedroom was right next to the fire and eventually, his mom’s boyfriend came into his room and walked him out the front door. They waited in the yard until the fire trucks came.

“It was just a wall of fire from floor to ceiling,” he recalls. “It was like a weird movie.”

And the fire not only left them without a home but caused a major change in Earnhardt’s life.

“(The fire) was why my mom moved to Norfolk (Virginia) and gave custody to us to dad (the late Dale Earnhardt) because that was it,” he says quietly. “She lost everything and she was broke. We were already broke and then we were really broke.”

Dale’s new book, “Racing To The Finish: My Story” is available on Amazon now.