NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals Recent Bout With Skin Cancer


On Sunday (April 28,) amongst happy pictures on Instagram from his daughter’s first birthday party, NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. quietly revealed his recent bout with skin cancer.

“Had some skin cancer removed,” Earnhardt Jr. responded in the comments section when a fan asked why he was wearing a large Band-Aid on his neck in one of the pictures he had shared. “Got a bunch of stitches.”

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The former race car driver now turned NBC Sports analyst also responded later to a reporter, who had headed to his own Twitter to say “whoa, Dale Jr, that’s quite the news to drop in the Instagram replies. glad you got that caught and taken care of.”

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“I’m glad I went to get checked out,” Earnhardt Jr. responded.

Of course, this skin cancer scare comes at an already rough time for Earnhardt Jr. and his family, who are currently mourning the death of his dear mother Brenda Jackson. Jackson died Monday (April 22) after battling cancer. She was 65 at the time of her death.

On Monday (April 29,) Earnhardt Jr. will join family and friends at a private funeral, according to The Charlotte Observer. This also happens to be the same day as the birthday of Earnhardt Jr.’s father, Dale Earnhardt, who died in a last lap crash of the Daytona 500 back in 2001.