Danica Patrick Shares Romantic Picture with Aaron Rodgers after ESPYs Hosting Gig


Danica Patrick is a tough gal known for her hard-driving and feisty attitude, but sometimes, even she needs her man just to take her in his arms and let her know that everything is okay.

And that’s exactly what it looks like boyfriend Aaron Rodgers recently did as Patrick got ready to host the ESPYs.

“Last night was a night I will never forget,” Patrick wrote on her Instagram page on Thursday (July 19) alongside a romantic pic of her and her handsome man. “Not only because it was so fun, but because of the people it took to get there and who are always in my corner. Haley, Allison, mom, dad, Brooke, Chase, Maura, Jeff, Bennett, and all the writers, Valdez, Jimmy….. and of course this one. It’s amazing when you find people you can lean on, and not worry about falling. Thank you.”

And while Patrick didn’t bring up her boyfriend during the awards show, he did find himself featured in a parody video inspired by none other than Tanya Harding’s recent movie.

So what’s next for Patrick? Well, that remains to be seen. Professionally, she has much on her plate as an author and business owner. But personally, could there be a wedding possibly in her future? Patrick and Rodgers look quite comfy lately if you ask us.