Danica Patrick Showed Off Her Insane Fitness Skills on Instagram and We Can’t Stop Watching


Just one short week after driving in the final race of her illustrious career at the Indianapolis 500, Danica Patrick was looking content as ever in an Instagram video released on Sunday (June 3.)

“Feeling pretty grateful today on my hike,” Patrick wrote alongside a video showing her doing a handstand on a picturesque picnic bench. “Napa Valley is amazing in so many ways. My live lot went for 300k last night! I love how this community supports each other.”

Indeed, Patrick is off and running on her life after racing – a new life that looks to continue the promotion of her own wine brand Somnium, which means “to dream” in Latin. In addition to her wine brand, Patrick is also at the helm of her leisurewear clothing line Warrior by Danica Patrick and the author of a health and fitness book Pretty Intense.

And while all of these business ventures just might keep the 36-year-old busy in the months and years ahead, it can’t go understated how much she will miss climbing into her race car.

“This is just a chapter in the book,” she wrote in an Instagram post following the Indianapolis 500 on May 27. “Today feels heavy, but only because the chapter finishing has meant so much to me. Thank you for the memories.”