Radio Star Delilah Opens Up About Son’s Tragic Suicide

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Radio star Delilah spends much of her time offering advice to her millions of loyal listeners. Yet at the same time, she has also tried her best to hide her own personal pain from those very same listeners.

That is, until now.

Last October, Delilah’s 18-year-old son committed suicide. And while a year has passed, the pain remains deep and raw.

“I finish the show and that’s when it hits,” she says in a new interview on Good Morning America. “Because that was our time together. My son was a night owl.”

Delilah has now taken that deep pain and put it into a new book titles One Heart at a Time, not only in the hopes to get her own thoughts out, but to begin a very real conversation about suicide.

“I couldn’t at first — I couldn’t write, I couldn’t talk about it,” she says.  “But I do want parents to know. We need to talk about teenage suicide. We need to start having open conversations, as painful as they are, because it’s epidemic.”

Delilah also took the interview as an opportunity to thank her listeners for all of their support over the past year, saying that she “would not be standing if it were not for the prayers of my friends, my family and my listeners.”