NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Shares Heartbreaking Message After Loss of Family Dog

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As NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin prepares to race in Phoenix on Sunday (Nov. 11,) he will certainly be doing it with a heavy heart. Earlier this week, Hamlin shared the heartbreaking news that he and his family had to say goodbye to their beloved dog.

“Had to take Missy for one last walk yesterday,” he wrote alongside a pair of beautiful, yet equally sad photos. “Today has absolutely sucked. The end of 2018 cannot come soon enough. She lived 19 great years.”

As many know, NASCAR is a big family at its core. So, it’s no surprise that many fans immediately sent their well wishes to the Hamlin family about their loss.

“I am so sorry for you and your family’s loss, Denny,” one Instagram follower wrote. “I know Missy takes a piece of your heart with her but trust that she is at peace, you gave her love, care and a happy life and her love for you is in all your beloved memories of her 19 years with you. Your extremely hard decision comes from your love for her and not having her suffering. My prayers go out to you and your family.”