New England Patriots’ Devin McCourty and Wife Michelle Mourn Loss of Baby Girl 8 Months Into Pregnancy

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Devin McCourty and wife Michelle lose daughter Mia during pregnancy
Photo courtesy Michelle McCourty Instagram
Our hearts go out to New England Patriots’ Devin McCourty and his wife, Michelle, who shared the news that they lost their baby girl at 8 months of pregnancy.
In a post on Instagram, Devin shared an image of baby footprints inside a heart with wings along with the baby’s name, Mia McCourty and her date of death. He also shared a lengthy note written by his wife, Michelle.

Devin’s caption on the post reads, “I’ve seen and felt God in so many ways in this last week. 1st was holding my 3rd child Mia and telling her I love her and then telling her see you later…all in one day. 2nd has been leading such a strong and powerful woman @dr_yimac32…her strength has brought me to tears but also inspired me to be what God has called me to be. 3rd Gods love on earth has been shown to us by unbelievers friends and family who have checked on us daily, and hourly. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers -Dmac.”

In the note, Michelle shares how she was crying when he wrote the message. And goes on to explain that the couple lost their baby girl after eight months of pregnancy.

“My pregnancy has resulted in a still birth at almost 8 months of being pregnant-at exactly 31 weeks 2 days, when we found out that the baby girl growing inside me no longer had a heart beat after being completely fin the week prior at my last doctor’s appt. We are so heart broken. We are devastated. We are speechless. We are angry. We are sad. We are confused. We are numb.”

Michelle revealed that on top of all that she had to go through delivery of their baby girl, who was delivered with the umbilical cord around her neck.

“While trying to cope with our family’s loss, we appreciate the love and support we’ve already gotten, and just ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time, since we have not answers to give anyway,” the note continued. “The mere thought of what happened causes instant bursts of tears at any time of day, and having to speak about it hurts tenfold. We do ask that you please push your prayers our way, especially toward our future, as that will be the hardest challenge moving forward. Pray for our healing. Pray for some closure. Pray that our devastation can somehow find some hope for better things to come for our family.”

Devin and Michelle are parents to two young children, three-year-old daughter Londyn and two-year-old son Brayden.

Our hearts go out to the McCourty’s during this difficult time.