Dog the Bounty Hunter Hospitalized For Heart Problems and “Resting Comfortably”


Months after his wife Beth Chapman died from her battle with throat cancer, Duane “Dog” Chapman was rushed to the hospital with heart problems.

According to TMZ, the reality star was experiencing chest pains and was rushed to the hospital in Colorado. It is unknown yet if Dog suffered a heart attack, but he is undergoing testing and may require surgery.

The 66-year-old has been dealing with the death of his wife Beth, often breaking down in tears during his interviews. Back in August, his store in Colorado was burglarized, adding more stress to Dog’s plate. The burglars stole some of Beth’s personal items. .

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Dog’s Twitter account released a statement regarding the media stories of Dog’s health.  “I can confirm Dog is under doctor’s care and is resting comfortably. Thank you for all of your well wishes – keep ’em coming.”

Dog spoke to the media following the death of his wife sharing the final moments and how much he loved his wife.

“She for a few years knew that someday this day would come. It came very  unexpected, really fast. All of her clothes are exactly where they were, her make-up, everything” he said through tears. ” We didn’t prepare.”

“The cancer gig, of course we got to find a cure because all we have now is some get lucky but most pass away,” he added choking back tears. “It’s a hard fight, she fought hard. Beth was somewhat of a control person. And son not from the grave but from heaven I’m sure she’s still controlling me. I got notes in my pillow cases, on my sink, in my shaving thing, she’s still telling me what to where. I loved her so much.”

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He continued, “My final words are Beth isn’t dead. She’s sleeping. I hope to God there’s a God. I’ve trained myself What Would Jesus Do. I hope I’m not just talking to myself. I hope there is a God and I’m going to see my honey again. And that’s all we can do.”

We’re hoping for a speedy recovery for Dog.