“Duck Dynasty’s” Rebecca Robertson is Expecting Her First Child


Exciting news for the Robertson family! Willie and Korie Robertson’s daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, John, are expecting their first child together.

Korie took to Instagram to share an adorable video of Rebecca and John telling her the news that she was going to be a grandma.

“I’ve been dying to tell y’all this!! Rebecca and John are having a baby🎉🙌🏻👏🏼🤗Which means Willie and I are going to be grandparents 👵❤👴The kids said my voice just got higher and higher when they told us the news “You feel fine; you feel normal?!?” 😂Sooo excited!!! She’s due in January, can’t wait!!! What will they call us?? Suggestions?”

Korie and Willie adopted Rebecca into their family at the age of 16 after she came to the States as an exchange student from Taiwan.

“Now she came to us when she was 16 as an exchange student from Taiwan, did not speak a word of English. I thought, ‘Oh, no, I’ve got like four little kids, like 2 to 6 and now I’ve got a 16-year-old that doesn’t speak English; what am I gonna do?,” Korie shared in an interview with Focus on the Family.

“But we survived that first year and just fell in love with her and invited her back for her senior year. She came her senior year and it was somewhere in there that we just realized, I remember telling’ somebody that I had four kids and one of my little ones said, ‘No, you don’t; you have five.’ And Rebecca just became one of ours.”

Congratulations to the Robertson clan!