“Today” Meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer, Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage

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Just as Jenna Bush Hager announced that she was expecting her third child with husband Henry Hager, Dylan Dreyer, Today show meteorologist , revealed Monday morning (April 22) that she had experienced a miscarriage.

As National Infertility Awareness week kicks off, Dylan decided to share her story. Dylan and her husband Brian Fichera had been trying for a second child shortly after welcoming their first son Calvin (3).

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“We got really lucky with Calvin. We tried maybe one or two months and we got pregnant right away,” Dylan shared. “I went to my OB/GYN and I just said ‘we’ve been trying for about six months and I don’t really know what’s going on but my cycles are all over the place.'”

The results were that Dylan had the egg count of a 40 something year old, as opposed to that of a 37 year old. Her uterus was two-thirds scarred shut, as a result of her c-section with Calvin and she needed surgery. Following the surgery, she got pregnant with her second child.

“Five weeks go by and I wake up to massive bleeding, to the point where I’m standing in the shower and it just won’t stop,” Dylan shared. “I wake Brian up and I told him, ‘I think I lost the baby.’ The first thing he said to me is, ‘you didn’t lose the baby, it’s your body doing what it needs to do. You didn’t do anything wrong.'”

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Dylan’s doctor later confirmed that the couple had in fact suffered a miscarriage.

“I am blessed with the family that I have. But going through a miscarriage and not knowing what the future holds is emotional. I just want people to know that I’m going through it too.”