ESPN College Reporter Edward Aschoff Dies on His 34th Birthday

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ESPN college football reporter, Edward Aschoff  died on his 34th birthday. According to ESPN, the 34-year-old died on Tuesday after a brief illness.

The sports network revealed the news on Twitter following his death.  “We are very sorry to have to share the devastating news of the tragic passing of friend and ESPN colleague Edward Aschoff. He died earlier today, his 34th birthday. Our thoughts are with his loved ones, including his fiancée Katy.”

Earlier in the month, Aschoff tweeted in reference to a bout with pneumonia. “Anyone ever had multifocal (bilateral) pneumonia in their early 30s as some who never gets sick and has a very good immune system? Asking for two friends … my lungs,” he tweeted on December 5.

In a second tweet he wrote. “Damn. So I had a virus for two weeks. Fever and cough and the doctors think it turned into this multifocal pneumonia recently,” he wrote. “I’m on day 4 of antibiotics. Days are getting better but nights are basically fever and coughing and sweating. How long were you out for?”

He also posted on Instagram how terrible it was dealing with his illness, but having his fiancée Katy Berteau by his side was a big help..

“Having pneumonia is pretty terrible,” he wrote. “Like the absolute worst. But it helps having this sweet angel taking care of you even when she’s risking getting this soul-crushing illness herself. All the soup, tea and delicious meals have kept me from crawling into a corner and crying the days away. Love you, babe. Thanks for putting up with my 5 am coughing fits.”

According to Daily Mail, Aschoff and Katy were set to be married in New Orleans in April.

Aschoff covered college football for ESPN. He had been with the company since 2011.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Edward Aschoff. R.I.P.