Eva Longoria Shares Name and First Photo of Baby Boy, Along With a Heartfelt Message

Eva Longoria Instagram / @evalongoria

Now that she’s had a couple of days to rest after welcoming her baby boy into the world, Eva Longoria is sharing a message about her son’s birth, starting with an introduction: “Hello world! I introduce to you Santiago Enrique Bastón. Thank you everyone for showering my baby boy with all your warm wishes!”

She went on to share a message highlighting the issue of families being separated at the border, saying: “In light of my son’s birth I wanted to bring focus on the families that have been separated at the border. Having my son next to me, I cannot imagine him being taken from my arms. Families belong together which is why we must do what we can to reunite them.” 

Eva and her husband, Jose, announced that they were expecting back in December of 2017. They welcomed Santiago into the world on Tuesday, June 19, saying “We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing.”