It’s Official! “Friends” is Leaving Netflix in 2020


When Netflix announced that the 1990’s hit “Friends” would  be leaving the streaming service at the end of 2018 , viewers just about lost their minds. So that’s when Netflix went above and beyond to keep the sitcom for their fans, even reportedly paying $100 million to continue to stream the show in 2019.

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Well, that time is almost up and Friends is saying goodbye. Netflix took to Twitter to share the bad news, giving their viewers plenty of time to get used to the news.

“The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye,” they wrote on Twitter. “We’re sorry to see Friends go to Warner’s streaming service at the beginning of 2020 (in The US). Thanks for the memories, gang ☕

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the popular show, which focuses on the lives of 20-somethings Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffet, will be making it’s way over to WarnerMedia’s streaming service, called HBO Max. The service reportedly paid $425 million to land Friends for five years.

The new service will launch in 2020 with content from the CW and  10,000 hours of premium content, the magazine reports.

“HBO Max will bring together the diverse riches of WarnerMedia to create programming and user experiences not seen before in a streaming platform. HBO’s world-class programming leads the way, the quality of which will be the guiding principle for our new array of Max Originals, our exciting acquisitions, and the very best of the Warner Bros. libraries, starting with the phenomenon that is ‘Friends,’” Robert Greenblatt, chairman, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer tells THR.

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The response to the news on Twitter was not kind, similar to when the first announcement was made. Seems like a lot of viewers are not happy with the loss of Friends. Netflix also announced that it would not longer be streaming The Office either.

“Good riddance, spending money to keep a show just to lose it. Cancelling shows that are worth it and keeping the ones who are harmful just because it creates a buzz on social media. Disney+ is gonna eat you alive,” @IconicNephilim wrote in response.

“I want to quit the Netflix..,” wrote @ballbustersport.

But there was also support for Netflix from viewers who will not pay more money for all these different streaming services.

I CANT WAIT TO HAVE 23 SEPARATE STREAMING SUBSCRIPTIONS. I know it’s not your fault, I still [heart emoji] you Netflix,” wrote @gingimli.

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“The only stream service I’ll get next to Netflix and prime video is Disney’s. And for friends and the office I’ll buy the tv shows there is no way I pay for 10 different stream services only because companies think money is in creating a stream service,” added saya_se.

We’ll just have to wait and see.