Gabby Barrett Shockingly Nailed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” During “American Idol” and I’m Still Speechless

I can't believe "American Idol" let Gabby Barrett sing a Whitney Houston song on Mother's Day, but they did and she did and it was amazing.

If you are like most people, you watched Gabby Barrett trying to sing multiple Carrie Underwood songs during her “American Idol” audition and thought– she’s fine. And never thought about it again. Until week after week, she’s gotten better and better and better.

If you look back at Gabby’s audition and the weeks following, one thing remains true with her– she’s as bold as any contestant on any reality TV singing competition has ever been. Since the Top 5 performances aired on Mother’s Day, each contestant was able to choose a song to sing for mama. And holy hell, Gabby chose Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

Even a mom with no musical knowledge would look at this selection and say, “baby, are you SURE?”

But, Gabby don’t care.

We didn’t get to hear Gabby’s explanation for choosing this song, but by the time the judges stood up and clapped midway through her performance it didn’t matter. She nailed it. And she proved that she’s not even a little bit scared to do whatever it takes to win this thing.