Gwen Stefani Was Visibly Nervous While Discussing Marriage With Blake Shelton on “The Ellen Show”


Gwen Stefani is such good friends with Ellen DeGeneres that she can call her up and tell her she has an announcement to make and can just get booked on “The Ellen Show.”

Of course, Ellen launched right in to what this big announcement could be.

“How’s life with the sexiest man in the world?” Ellen asked.

“He got sexier. It just keeps getting better, cuter and more country.”

And then, Ellen went for it– “y’all are getting married? You will be getting married? It seems like you will? I think you should get married.”

Gwen replied, “what are you doing?!”

She did say, “I love weddings. The kids love him, everybody loves him, he’s lovable!”

So, they are getting married?