‘Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown Helps Pull Man From River During White Water Rafting Trip

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Hannah Brown Helps save man from river while white water rafting
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor/ AFF-USA.COM

Hannah Brown is a hero.

While white water rafting on the Ocoee River in Tennessee over the weekend, The Bachelorette star helped pull a man into her boat after he flipped out of his raft and being pulled down river by the current. 

The news comes from the man’s girlfriend, who shared the story on Twitter.

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“How fun Hannah Brown saved my boyfriend from drowning in the Ocoee River today,” @quintnugget first Tweeted. 

After a commenter was shocked to hear the news, @quintnugget replied with what happened.

She was on the river with us our raft flipped and her and her family were on the trip with us she ended up pulling my bf onto their raft after the current took him,” she wrote. “I didn’t know who she was but her mom said she had just won DWTS and that she was the bachelorette!”

@quintnugget did clarify that she may have been a little over the top when initially sharing the news of what happened, but was still grateful to the bachelorette for her actions at the time.

“I was being dramatic when I said drowning,” she wrote. “He wasn’t suffocating or anything just being taken downstream and she pulled him onto their raft!”

She later informed her followers that she shared the video on her Instagram page, again ssaying that her boyfriend, Milton Sangabriel (according to his Instagram page), wasn’t actually drowning.

“Y’all asked for it. Here it is! To clarify @miltonsangabriel93 was not literally drowning (I’m prone to being dramatic) but most of us did get beat up by rocks in the river after we flipped. IT. WAS. AWESOME. 😎🤘🏽💪🏼,” she added. “If you’re here for Hannah she and her fam appear during the second half of the video about 2 min in.”

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We’re just glad that Milton is ok and that Hannah and her family were there to give the man a helping hand.

Well done!