Hilary Duff Shares Details of Home Birth of Newborn Daughter, Banks


When it comes to childbirth, every woman has several decisions to make about how she wants to bring her baby into the world.

Hilary Duff welcomed a happy, healthy baby girl, Banks Violet, into the world on October 25— and now, she’s opening up about her decision to have an at-home water birth.

In an interview with the Informed Pregnancy podcast, Duff shared that she went into labor at 12:30 in the morning and had both her doula and midwives come to her home around 2.

Like most women in labor, Hilary’s tensions were a little bit high— so when her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, told her to relax, she replied:  “You have to shut up. You’re going to die if you say that again!”


Once she was finally ready to deliver, Hilary said she got into her birthing tub. “It was, like, five pushes. That part didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it was going to,” she said.

“It was very painful in my hips and then it was more scary [in] just the overall bigness of what was happening than, ‘Ow, this hurts too bad, I can’t do it again.’”

Once Banks finally arrived, Hilary said the moment was tender and sweet.

“They hand her to me and I’m looking at her … and she reaches up both of her arms and curls into me … reaches up her arms right at my neck, as if to give me a hug,” she said. “I couldn’t believe how strong she was but it was so clearly a hug. … It made me feel like she was like, ‘Good team, Mom, we did it.’”

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