Hilary Duff Reveals New Hairdo During Quarantine and Gets Positive Response

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Hilary Duff dyes hair blue during quarantine
Photo courtesy HIlary Duff Instagram

Hilary Duff is changing things up while she is quarantined at home with her husband and children during the coronavirus outbreak.

Perhaps she was looking for something to do or just looking for a change. The “Younger” actress shared a photo of her new look on Instagram. The new hairdo has her sporting some blue hair. That’s right. Hilary didn’t just try a new style or change to brunette, she went all out with her fun side and dyed her hair blue.

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“Yea,” she captioned the photo. And why not? After all, she is stuck at home for a little while, so why not do something a little different.

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The new look got some positive response in the comment section. It even brought many people back to Hilary’s video for “Sparks,” where she also sported tinted blue hair.

“Yesssss sparks look is Backkk!!!!!!, wrote one fan.


Perhaps the quarantine had Hilary thinking back to a time when we were actually all allowed out of the house.

And even with blue hair, Hilary is still taking care of business. She later shared her new look on her Instagram story where she’s giving her daughter a bath, getting ready to put her to bed and sending out a happy easter message.

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“Hi, guys, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter. I know these are tough circumstances right now, and I hope you got the chance to smile or laugh a couple times today, maybe squeeze someone you love,” the 32-year-old said. “I got to squeeze this one all day, which was very lucky for me.”

Maybe blue is the new blonde.

Hilary Duff blue hair during quarantine
Courtesy Hilary Duff Instagram