Howard Stern Opens Up About Past Cancer Scare: ‘I’m Scared Sh**less’

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In a new interview about his new book Howard Stern Comes Again, legendary shock jock Howard Stern reveals that he went through a terrifying cancer scare years ago.

In the book, it is revealed that Stern had long been dealing with a slew of hospital appointments and scary prognosis’ as doctors closely watched the disc jockey’s low white blood cell count. Doctors would eventually discover a growth on his kidney that would ultimately have him being wheeled off into surgery in May of 2017.

“And now all I’m thinking is, ‘I’m going to die,’ ” he recalls of the scary time in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the new book. “And I’m scared shitless.”

At the time, he confided in a small group of friends and family, including his second wife, Beth, his three daughters, his therapist and his longtime radio friend Robin Quivers. Luckily, surgeons determined during the surgery that the growth on his kidney was a harmless cyst. But there is no doubt that the scare changed the way the New York native looks at things.

“I’m at a place now where I am trying to figure out how to spend the rest of my life, however long that might be,” he says.

So will he walk away from the microphone when his SiriusXM contract ends at the end of 2020?

“To walk away from what I’m good at?” he says. “I don’t even know that I have it 100 percent right yet. And maybe there’s more to explore.”