Jane Fonda Opens Up About Her Ongoing Cancer Battle: ‘I Was a Sun-Worshipper’

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Jane Fonda opens up about cancer battles
Photo by OConnor-Arroyo / AFF-USA.com

At 81 years old, Jane Fonda has been through a lot. Yet, not many of her fans have known about her private battle with cancer, until now.

“I’ve had a lot of cancer,” the acclaimed actress says in a new interview with British Vogue. “I was a sun-worshipper. When I have a day off, I frequently go to my skin doctor and have things cut off me by a surgeon.”

It’s a condition that Fonda says she has done her best to hide throughout the years.

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“I get out of the car and I have the strange white dress with all the ruffles? That’s because I’d just had a mastectomy and I had to cover my bandages,” Fonda recalled about her appearance at the 2016 Golden Globes, where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Youth.

Fonda says that her cancer battle is an ongoing process, along with her daily battle with the effects of osteoporosis.

“The fact that I hurt a lot – my body hurts – is a surprise to me, and it’s not because of all that working out,” she shares. “It’s genetic. My father [Henry] had it, my brother [Peter] had it. Your cartilage disappears and then it’s bone on bone, and then ‘ow’. But we live in a time where you can just get a new one.”

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And while Fonda could wake up each day dwelling on these sorts of conditions, she remains the positive woman that she always has been.

“I didn’t think I’d ever ever live this long or feel that I’m whole or getting whole,” she says.  “I feel very intentional about realizing that it’s up to me how this last part of my life goes.”