Jason Momoa, His Dog and Friends Get Stuck in Elevator for 2 Hours and Share Scenes From Inside [Watch]


Jason Momoa had a scary moment when he got stuck in an elevator at the L’Hermitage hotel in Vancouver, Canada. However, the “Aquaman” actor passed the time by pulling out his phone and documenting the moments inside the tin box.

Jason, his dog and five of his friends got into an elevator and the next thing they knew, they weren’t going anywhere.

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“Well, what’s going on?” Jason asked as he filmed his friends in the elevator.

“We’re stuck on a f***ing elevator,” his friend explains continually pressing the elevator button.

Jason Momoa and friends stuck in an elevator

Jason then turns the camera on himself to share the situation. “Well, we’re stuck on an elevator,” he says. “The fire department really doesn’t really want to show up.”

Jason Momoa and friends stuck on an elevator 2

While the trapped group converses with their team outside the elevator, a bag of M&M’s that Jason is holding becomes the center of attention. “You’re not being conservative with your M&M’s bro?” one friend asks. That’s when the talk turns to who the first person to go would be if it came down to them having to eat each other. We guess that’s where the mind goes when stuck in a tense situation.

We’re in luck though, because according to the conversation,  Jason and his tall friend pushing the elevator buttons will survive the ordeal and not have to be eaten. As for the rest of them, let’s hope they weren’t stuck in the elevator for much longer.

We wish them luck.

Jason Momoa and friends stuck in an elevator friends