Jenelle Evans Tells Police Dog Shooting Story Was For Publicity

Jenelle Evans husband David Eason not charged in dog killing
Photo courtesy Jenelle Evans Instagram

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason, we reach another level..

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According to TMZ, who spoke with investigators in the family’s recent dog shooting case, Jenelle made the story up for publicity. What?

TMZ reports that no charges will be filed against David for killing the family dog because Evans told police that she made up the story as a PR stunt. That’s some publicity stunt. If you recall, Jenelle was not only fired from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 because of the incident, she had her children taken from her home.

Specifics as to what exactly happened to the dog remained murky throughout. Evans originally told police that she was in the home and heard the shot, but did not see it. However,  it’s reported that she also told police that she just wanted the investigation to be over and she didn’t know what happened to the dog. Could Evans have said it was a publicity stunt just to end the whole thing? The truth, when it comes to Jenelle and her husband, is unclear.

After all, at the time of the incident, the reality star took to Instagram to share her sadness over the killing of her dog.

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“Nugget… I’m crying everyday,” Evans wrote on her Instagram page alongside a pic of her and her French Bulldog named Nugget. “I love you so much and I’m so sorry. I’m speechless. You were my side kick and knew the moment I felt bad and would cuddle with me. You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons. Everyday I wake up you’re not here, when I come home you’re not here, when I go to bed… you’re not here. You’re gone forever and there’s no coming back.”

Her husband, David, had also shared on Instagram, a video of the dog snapping at his daughter, Ensley’s, face. He has since deleted that post which read, “I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face… whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that shit at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively. The only person that can judge weather or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME.”

E! News obtained the police statement about the case. “Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigators located no physical evidence to substantiate that the allegations against David Eason are factual,” the statement read. “The evidence collected indicates that the allegations of animal cruelty were fabricated. Therefore, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is closing this investigation.  No charges will be filed in this case.”