Jenna Bush Hager Returns to “Today” Following Grandfather George H.W. Bush’s Death


As the country continues to mourn the loss of George H.W. Bush, the former President’s granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager decided to get back to work, just like he would want her to.

“We felt so surrounded with love,” the morning show correspondent said on the Today show about the days following the death of her grandfather. “And I just thought about other people that lost people they loved this season, right before Christmas, who don’t get this, and then life goes on. But for us, we felt it. He would have been embarrassed, I think, by how public it was, and by how much we talked about him.”

As expected, Hager and her family are still getting used to life without the former President by their side but sounded comforted by the fact that he is now at peace next to his beloved wife Barbara Bush at their final resting place in Texas.

Hager also took the time to talk about just how emotional the past week has been for her extended family. But showing emotion is just something that has always been encouraged in their family.

“(My grandfather) had these lessons that he lived by and one of them was, don’t be afraid to cry,” Hager recalls. “That was the way we were raised. I cry at the drop of a hat. But I think it’s okay to show pain, when you’re feeling pain, and joy when you’re also feeling joy.”

Jenna also took to her Instagram to share photos from her return to Today alongside her co-hosts, saying, “These people make Mondays—even hard ones— BRIGHT! How lucky I am to be surrounded by love.”