Jennifer Garner Says Goodbye to Pet Chicken Gonnyi After Rushing It To Animal Hospital


R.I.P. Gonnyi. Jennifer Garner had to say goodbye to one of her pet chickens, Gonnyi, after taking her to the animal hospital.

“Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Olive Egger, Gonnyi,” Jennifer wrote alongside a video of herself rushing the chicken to the hospital. “Thanks to my daughter’s consistent loving care, this chicken lived a very good life. ♥️ #soyouthinkyoucanfarm.”

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In the video, Jennifer is in the car, with her hands at 10 and 2, driving little Gonnyi to the animal hospital.

“I’ve got to get Gonnyi to the hospital, quick,” she said. “I’ve never been a chicken, but I know this isn’t right. Part of her insides are coming out in the wrong way. This is not what the Lord had in mind for this chicken.”

After a bit of a giggle, Jennifer turns to Gonnyi to apologize. “I’m sorry sweetie. It’s a rough day.” I know honey. I really do feel badly. I’m sorry, I’ve been laughing at your expense and I have to apologize for that.”

However,  the actress kept it light by filling out animal paper work with Gonnyi’s work address and pointing out that the vet techs are eating Chic-Fil-A. Yikes.

In true motherly fashion, Jennifer gets down on her hands and knees and crawls into the cage to calm Gonnyi and take him out of the cage. “I think this might be goodbye,” she tells the chicken.  “So good luck. God be with you and you’ve been a very nice chicken.”

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Alas, Jennifer left the hospital without her chicken and revealed that Gonnyi later passed away.  The cause of death was due to a “prolapsed rectum and another undetermined mass in her nether regions.”

R.I.P little Gonnyi.