Jennifer Garner Hilariously Details Getting Lost on a Kayak With Her Daughter in Sweden

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Jennifer Garner is always keeping things real, especially when it comes to parenting and motherhood.

Jennifer recently appeared on “The Tonight Show” to talk with Jimmy Fallon about her new movie, “Peppermint.” While she was there, she had the chance to share a hilarious story about taking her daughter on an adventure to Sweden— and how, like most parents who take their kids on big trips, it didn’t go quite as she’d expected.

Jennifer decided to take her 12-year-old daughter Violet to Sweden after she’d completed a class project on the country. While they were there, they decided to rent a kayak to go on a beautiful 10-minute float. But after they’d been on the water for about an hour, Jennifer began to panic.

“An hour later, we were not back, and not only that, all of a sudden, there were huge bridges going over, there were big boats, and [the waterway] went from very small to quite wide,” she told Jimmy. “And then Violet … said, ‘Mom, there’s a stop light in the water.’ There’s a stoplight, and through the stoplight, it’s a loch to the ocean. And so then, we start feeling a current pulling us to the ocean.”

Using her superhuman mother strength, Jennifer quickly turned the kayak around: “I’m with my baby. I just was like, ‘La la la. Let’s sing Mamma Mia. We’re in Sweden,’” Jennifer said.

Luckily, a Swedish angel named Mattias came to their rescue. “Suddenly, we saw this blond human with the sun behind him like a halo, and he was coming to our rescue. He showed up, and he led us back. And his name was Mattias!”

Bless you, Swedish Mattias.