Jennifer Garner Proves, Once Again, That She Is The Most Relatable Celebrity In Hollywood


We have to be reminded that celebrities are just like us. They seem so separate, so distant from the everyday problems of our lives. But Jennifer Garner is different. She is candid, down to earth, and completely relatable. When she sat down with Wired to answer the internet’s most asked questions about herself and ended up showing that she is the most relatable celebrity in Hollywood.

For example, she lied to her classmates about being related to a famous person for so long that it became true. Every time her phone rings, she assumes its school calling about one of her kids. And she can’t speak any languages but kind-of remembers one phrase in Japanese. Sort of.

When asked what personality she has, she stumbled a bit, because who knows how to answer that question?

Basically, she is a normal mom, who just so happens to be a very famous actress. You know, normal stuff.