Jennifer Garner Got Drunk and Shared 13 Random Items She Carries in Her Purse


Sweet, sweet Jennifer Garner is quickly becoming America’s Instagram sweetheart with her last few weeks of hilariously weird content in her feed. Most recently, she got a little tipsy from some wine and went through her purse. One would guess that Garner is super crafty or maybe just that she robbed a Hobby Lobby.

Of course, she had a few good one-liners, but mostly it was just a lot of pens and hearts.

“People always say, ‘oh, are you color coding? Are you really organized?’ No, I’m not.”

We missed a few items, but this is what tipsy Jennifer Garner carries around with her at all times:

  1. Planner
  2. Hearts
  3. More hearts
  4. Book, to write things in
  5. Index cards
  6. A honey thing
  7. Crystal?
  8. Packaging for pens
  9. More hearts
  10. Pens
  11. Tea
  12. More hearts
  13. Flashlight