Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Knitted Her A 12-Foot Long Scarf and It’s A Real Fashion Piece


Jennifer Garner recently celebrated her 46th birthday and she got a gift that every mother dreams of– a handmade gift that must be cherished and cannot be thrown away in the near future.

Yes, Garner was gifted a 12-foot-long knitted scarf that also looks to be about 2-feet-wide, which means it was quite the endurance project.

Of course, J. Garn wore the piece out and noted, “When your nine year old weaves a 12ft long scarf on a peg loom for your birthday present, you’d better #werk#fashionfriday#thecarpoollineismyrunway#proudmom.”

All we can say is, “yes, hunny!” On all accounts.