How Does She Do It? Jennifer Garner Makes Tweaking an Ankle Look Funny


Ever since Jennifer Garner joined Instagram in November 2017, the mom of three has been giving us many more reasons to love her more than we already do. If you’re not following Jen on Instagram, you’re missing out.

First it was her Books with Birdie series, where she reads to her dog—who seems completely uninterested—then we were introduced to her chickens, who she like to walk on a leash and many more things that take us into the life of Jennifer Garner

However, now we can be there with Jennifer as she endures the pain of soaking her “tweaked” ankle in a freezing cold bucket of ice water. If that doesn’t sound fun, just watch her video—the 46-year-old has a way of making anything hilarious.

The Golden Globe award winner took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of her going through the agony of de feet. (See what we I did there)

“What if my spray tan comes off,” she says laughing nervously.

“Come on, man up,” she exclaims as she throws caution to the wind and places her feet in the freezing cold water for 30 seconds.

Be warned, you just might watch this over and over again.