Jennifer Lawrence Was All Set to Party With Emma Stone After the Golden Globes, Until Emma Called and This Happened


In case you weren’t aware, Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are real-life BFFs. The two were actually set-up by Woody Harrelson who has starred alongside both ladies and thought the two would hit it off as friends.

As Emma was at the 2018 Golden Globes as a nominee, Jennifer was a home, but ready to head out to the after parties as Emma’s date. Except, they didn’t go to any parties and Jennifer shared why in a hilarious Facebook video.

Off-camera, Emma asks, “what happened tonight?”

Jennifer, not looking at the camera said, “Well, you had told me that you wanted me to be your date to the after-parties so I, you know, got us some tickets to some after-parties. I booked a car and I was halfway through glam when you told me that you didn’t want to go.”

“You just wanted to come over to my house, so I sent my hair and makeup team home and now this is what I look like,” Jennifer said as she revealed that she literally had makeup on half of her face because she sent her glam squad home.

Now, this is #squadgoals.