Jennifer Lopez Showed Jimmy Fallon That You Can Dance Fast to Any Slow Song During Hilarious Dance Battle

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Jennifer Lopez isn't just a triple threat, she's got a sense of humor too and she proved it during this hilarious dance battle with Jimmy Fallon.

About a year ago, Jennifer Lopez appeared on “The Tonight Show” and absolutely destroyed Jimmy Fallon during a head-to-head dance battle. J. Lo’s best move was washing machine on spin cycle, though hot cowboy was also really good.


Since Jimmy knew he stood no chance in another dance battle with Jenny From the Block, he implemented new rules this time around– to win you have to dance fast to a slow song. But, not just any slow song Questlove found really slow songs from the ’70s like “Three Times A Lady” and “Babe.”



Though Jimmy declared J. Lo the winner, he still put on some fairly impressive moves.