Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Visit James Corden for Hilarious Interview [Watch]


One of the best things this life can give you is a best friend. Not a best friend that will hang around for a while and then leave when life changes, but a best friend that will stick with you until your dying day. That’s the kind of friends Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini seem to be.

This beautiful friendship was recently showcased on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday (Dec. 19) as the pair continued on their media blitz for their new movie Second Act.

Things got hilarious quick as the two went back and forth at each other, trying to imitate each other’s Bronx and Brooklyn accents.

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“There’s different ones, Bronx Italian and Bronx Puerto Rican,” Lopez explained to Corden. “If you’re from the Bronx it doesn’t mean you have all of the exact same accent. But Italian hands are different than Puerto Rican hands!”

“I feel like I’m drunk,” Corden said as he tried to imitate the two women. “It’s making me talk like I’ve had a couple of drinks.”

Before the interview was over, the two reflected on just what makes up the connection between them.

“She’s loving, warm, fiercely loyal, courageous, brave, true, authentic … there’s a lot of things,” Remini described of Lopez.

“We understand each other’s lives” Lopez added. “I’m so close to my sisters and so is Leah, but we have similar lives. We have similar careers, so we understand nuances that other people don’t understand. That also bonded us, I think.”