Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Amazing Body After Enduring 10 Day Challenge

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Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez recently took part in a 10-day challenge, where they gave up sugar and carbohydrates. Now, JLo is showing off the results and she’s looking good.

The singer took to Instagram to show her toned body after 9 days of cutting out the culprit foods.

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“Day 9 and feelin’… like I can’t wait for Day 10. 😅,” she wrote alongside a photo wearing a bikini top and leggings.

After day 10, JLo took advantage of being able to eat again. “Time to dig in,” she wrote on her story, showing off a bunch of food. “Worth the wait.”


JLo also revealed that after a couple of days they will re-do the challenge for another 10 days because she is feeling good. So that’s when they took to JLo’s Instagram story to challenge all of us to take part in the no sugar, no carbs event.

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“This 10-day challenge is starting to get lonely, so we’re challenging YOU! Join us 😉. 10 days, NO sugar, NO carbs, are you up for the challenge? 💋

What say you? If it makes us look like JLo, we’ll take it.