Jimmy Fallon and Cher Take on Lip Sync Karaoke [Watch]


They’ve done it again! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon thought up a new segment to try out— a twist to the classic lip sync.

Cher and Jimmy Fallon lip-synced to her 1998 hit “Believe,” but instead of the classic rendition of the art of “lip syncing”— the duo sang to a rendition of two random people covering the song. And instead of a moving, powerful performance, we were brought a hilarious show.

“We sent a crew to a karaoke bar in New York City at around 1 in the morning and asked people there to sing ‘Believe,’ and now we’re going to lip-sync their vocals,” Jimmy explained. Unlike Cher, most of the featured karaoke performers definitely needed some singing lessons.

Not only did Cher try out this new segment with Jimmy, but the star also joined Jimmy’s opening monologue to recreate her famous Moonstruck slap scene— the scene in which he can’t stop talking and Cher slaps him twice before saying, “Snap out of it!”

Lastly, Cher joined the cast of The Cher Show, which is the new Broadway musical about her life, to perform “If I Could Turn Back Time.” The star joined different actresses— all playing as Cher (just at different times of her life).

Overall, Cher’s guest appearance on The Tonight Show just reminded us how much star-power the pop diva will always have.