Hugh Jackman Inspires Jimmy Fallon to Attempt a Guinness World Record [Watch]


When Hugh Jackman was a child, he would have done anything to be in the Guinness Book of World Records—including staying awake and playing badminton continuously for 56 hours. His dream has come true.

During a visit on “The Tonight Show,” Hugh Jackman shared that he and his brother’s childhood revolved around making it into the Guinness Book of World Records. In fact, they went so far as to contemplate going for the world’s longest fingernails. He admits it being gross but he explained, “Because that doesn’t take talent; that’s just commitment.”  

At one point, the siblings were attempting to catch coins from their elbows. Hugh believes the record at the time was about 194 coins caught. Shockingly enough, Jimmy Fallon revealed that he wasn’t so bad at catching coins from his elbow himself.

So, naturally, Hugh Jimmy Fallon decided to go head to head (or elbow to elbow, if you will), and see who can catch the most. In the end, Hugh took the crown with 10 coins.

On the theme of world records, Jimmy and Hugh come together and decide they should try for the longest continuous running late-night show—they even got The Roots up for the challenge. But, the idea came to a crash as Jimmy realized he could not go without a commercial break. Jimmy admits, “I can’t afford those suits if we do that.”

Regardless, 8-year-old Hugh would be extremely proud and excited as his older self has made his dream a reality. Hugh Jackman is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest-running live-action Marvel superhero.