Jimmy Fallon Throws Up During Hilarious Game of “Drinko” With Ryan Reynolds

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Boys will be boys, and sometimes boys don’t make the smartest of decisions. Take for example Jimmy Fallon, who on the Monday (Aug. 13) episode of his talk show, decided it would be a good idea to play a drinking game with guest and actor Ryan Reynolds.

Sounds safe, right?


Because in this drinking game, Reynolds’ Aviation Gin could be mixed with liquids such as bone broth, grape soda, horseradish, Twinkies and, um, blood.

And yes, I just gagged.

“I have such a weak stomach,” Reynolds says as their little game of “Drinko” commenced. “I’m not kidding. I would rather drink spinal fluid than that.”

And yes, after drinking a combination of gin, Twinkies, and horseradish, Fallon grabbed a nearby bucket and proceeded to puke right in it. “Look at that, you barfed up your whole childhood,” Reynolds said.

Of course, Reynolds also used his appearance on the late-night talk show to talk a little bit about his gin company.  “Eleven years ago I remember reading a Deadpool comic and feeling like, ‘This is a once in a lifetime connection,’” the 41-year-old told Fallon. “And then a few years later I met my wife and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess a once in a lifetime connection can happen twice,’ and then we had our children. That’s when I realized I love gin. I went deep with the passion, and that’s when I bought Aviation Gin.”