Jimmy Kimmel Thinks “The Bachelor” Colton Underwood Isn’t Really a Virgin [Watch]


Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel can’t seem to get enough of The Bachelor. And we can understand. The reality dating show is somewhat addictive, especially this season, which stars former football player Colton Underwood.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, the 27-year-old is a virgin. Or, at least we think.

On a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kimmel talked to DeGeneres about his feeling that Underwood is definitely NOT a virgin.

“I know he (says he is a virgin,)” Kimmel told DeGeneres. “I used to tell my mother that too. I think maybe that’s the deal. Maybe he doesn’t want his mom to know that he’s been, you know. If I were to announce, like, ‘Hey, just want everyone to know I’m an adult virgin,’ people would say, like, ‘Yeah that makes sense. Yeah.’ But you look at this guy and it’s, like, there’s no way he is. It’s just impossible.”

Kimmel and DeGeneres then turned in their chairs to look at a quick pic of Underwood shirtless.

“I mean, look at him,” Kimmel said. “That’s not a virgin.”

So what do you think? Is Underwood being truthful, and if not, does it even matter? Don’t get us started.