J-Lo and Shakira Win Big During Super Bowl Halftime Show

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There was a whole lot of shaking going on when Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took the field for the halftime show at the Super Bowl in Miami. There was also a whole lot of great music and choreography during the 15 minutes the pair performed.

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Under a shower of fireworks, Shakira kicked off the show in fiery red sparkles with her 2009 Latin number-one, “She Wolf.” Picking up a guitar, the award-winning singer ripped off an abbreviated rendition of “Empire,” before transitioning into the 2001 smash, “Whenever, Wherever.” Drawing from her Columbian roots, Shakira performed a portion of her show in Spanish, which drew a roar of approval from the stadium crowd, but she ended the show on her signature smash, “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Keen eyes picked up on the singer’s subtle costume transformation as she segued from song to song, but one thing that didn’t require a second look or a trained ear was the sheer joy Shakira exuded during her all too brief performance. That alone was worthy of a standing ovation.

Shakira set the bar high, but J-Lo raised the pole. Literally.

Coming up through the stage on a pole — a nod to her recent role in the movie Hustlers — Jennifer reeled through a set of hits starting with 2002’s “Jenny from the Block,” before moving into a few lines of “Ain’t It Funny,” then 2005’s “Get Right.” Much like Shakira, J-Lo executed the complicated and high-energy choreography, alternating between smiles, smolder and sizzle in a way that only Jenny from the block can.

If ever a wardrobe malfunction was going to happen, it would have been during Jennifer’s Cirque de Soleil-inspired pole dance during “Waiting for Tonight.” And while her costume was provocative, it also suited the performance and appeared to be well-secured throughout the vertical gymnastics.

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Jennifer wrapped her solo set with “On the Floor,” but the show was far from over as she invited Shakira to return to the stage, along with the real scene-stealer for the night, J Lo’s daughter, Emme Muniz.

Throughout the show, J Balvin and Bad Bunny also appeared, however, the night truly belonged to the men on the gridiron and the ladies on the stage.

Check out the performance below.