Joe Giudice Reveals Large Chest Tattoo to Honor His Daughters

Joe giudice gets eagle tattoo in honor of daughters
Photo courtesy Joe Giudice Instagram

While Joe Giudice is separated from his four daughters since being deported to Italy because of his convictions for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, the 47-year-old is doing what he can to keep his daughter close to his heart.

The reality star shared a peek at his latest tattoo he received while overseas. Joe shared the video on Instagram, as he underwent the addition of a new tattoo, which he says is for his daughters.

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“What you do for the kids you love (everything) #pact I want to have them with me forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” he wrote with the post.

In the video, Joe is in the ink chair getting the image of an eagle permanently drawn in the top left quadrant of his chest.

“Alright Gia, he says to his oldest daughter. “I’m doing this because of you. This hurts and I hate it. I hate tattoos. But anyway, Gia, I’m doing this because of you. Alright. Love you, bye.”

Joe then shared a second video, showing off the final product.

“This is it Gia hope you like it 😘!” he wrote to caption the video. “I got this to symbolize that I will always be my girls 🦅 because it flies higher than any other 🐦. I want to give them strength to mount up with wings as eagles, they shall always run and not be spent. My girls will always be powerful and courageous women. I promise to look over you as strength and shield them from 😈 . Daddy loves you forever. #tattoos.”

Gia responded to the post by write in the comment section, saying, “love you dad. hope you liked mine too xo”

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Joe shares his four daughters, Gia, 19, Gabriella, 16, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 11, with ex-wife Teresa Giudice. The couple recently ended their marriage after 20 years of marriage. Teresa and the four girls live in the United States, while Joe lives in Italy waiting to appeal his deporation decision.